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Safety First

Safety is the most important aspect and parents and teachers notice on our trips. Around the motorcoach, at the hotel and walking in the destination.

GO Travel Scholarship


Keeping class trips affordable for students is part of our mission. No kickbacks and  incentives for organizers. We pass the saving on to the students

GO Leaders


They are the best. Engaging students and energizing them in their discoveries. 9 out of 10 teachers have said GO Leaders are essential to the success of their class trip.

Exceptional Class Trips. Memorable travel experiences for students, parents and teachers. Start with GO!


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“There is a clear professionalism and excellent service. They were easy to communicate with and helpful in all phases of the trip. Our GO Leader was flexible with timing and used his knowledge of the area to manipulate our schedule effectively. He put pieces in and adjusted times thoughtfully and seamlessly.” 

- Matt L, Burlington Vt

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